The First United Church of the Fisher Price® Record Player

Bow down before the mighty Fisher Price® Record Player, all ye who enter here!

Welcome, brothers and sisters, to the First United Church of the Fisher Price® Record Player. The Reverend Most High Cybermuffin has been very busy lately, having relocated to Pagan Lands (a.k.a Texas), where the natives are unenlightened to the sanctity and salvation that is the Fisher Price® Record Player. I can only update this page when I have time off from converting the heathens (being a missionary is a tough position) so I apologize if the sermons don't change much.

Breaking News: I've had word from Kevin who ran The Record Rack, where I used to refer people seeking replacement needles, and he is shutting down the web site. :-( He did let me know that the make and model of the needle that fits the Fisher Price Record Player is one called Pfanstiehl 911-DS77, and he also suggested another web site, Garage 'A Records, that may be able to supply replacement needles. Good Luck.

This is a picture of the Orginal Player (that which began the obsession which begat the First United Church FPRP). It belongs to Nick Franclik, the bass player for the Electric Farm. He used to bring it to mellow shows, like at the Open Space Art Gallery in Allentown. (Indeed, that is where this picture was taken by my good friend Fluffy.) and lays things like Bob Dylan and early Rolling Stones on it It's missing the plastic lid, but that's okay. This player was featured heavily in the artwork for the Farm's first release, Six, in 1995. Nick actually has a bunch of Players, not just this one. I think this one is his favorite, though.

Why worship the Fisher Price Record Player? Well, there's kind of a long story behind it, but I found myself buying one for someone who knew Nick had them and thought they were highly cool and kept going on and on about how he had to have one, so I started to look for one last September, thinking it would make a hell of a cool Christmas present for him. On my very first day looking, I wandered into the local Goodwill and perused the shelves for about 45 minutes. I didn't see anything that looked remotely like a Fisher Price Record Player, although I found a Fisher Price Stereo System and a Fisher Price Camera. (Pretty amazing what Fisher Price has come up with - you may have heard about the obsession with PXL-2000's - they're going for about $500 in good working condition now, which isn't bad for a toy video camera that records on audio tapes.) Just as I was about to give up, I took one last stroll down the kitchenwares aisle, and noticed a cardboard box that was shoved toward the back. I pulled it out, and there it was. My Very First Fisher Price Record Player. For the whopping price of $4.00. I could hardly believe my eyes. I rushed up to the counter and purchased it, my heart pounding. I got it home that evening and put on my The Pretenders album. It sounded great. I was so utterly charmed by this little plastic toy record player that I knew I had to have one for myself. I told my friend Erik about my search for one, and he mentioned that his sister might like getting one for her birthday, and then my buddy Fluffy told me she wouldn't mind having one either...

So I found one for Erik's sister ($6.00 off of Ebay) and one for Fluffy ($3.00 in the Quakertown Salvation Army - the kid who rang it up wasn't even sure what it was supposed to do. I was like, "It's a toy turntable. For playing vinyl. Aaaahh, kids these days! Never mind!") and one for myself. Then I had to move to Germany, so I gave up on looking, being as how the Germans couldn't possibly understand the charm of the Fisher Price Record Player.

Then I moved to England, where there were no Fisher Price Record Players either. Then a brief stint back in Allentown, and now I while away the days in the DFW area.

Thanks for listening to my preaching. If you wish to make a pilgrimage, I have included directions to the Holy Land for you.


1st United Church FPRP / Reverend Cybermuffin / penny at misty dot com / October 23, 2003